Cocoa Body Butter

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This lovely butter is 100% Junk Free and whipped from scratch with the highest quality plant oils and butters. Our ingredients are loaded with vitamins and fatty acids. You won’t find synthetic preservatives, chemical laden fragrances or any other yucky stuff that is typically found in commercial similar products. This butter contains no added scent but has a light chocolate scent provided by the organic cocoa butter. Yum!

Commercial lotions contain a large portion of water. This water can evaporate quickly so it needs to be applied often. Since our butter does not contain water this results in a thicker body butter that begins to melt on contact with your skin, absorbs within a few minutes, and leaves your skin velvety smooth and nourished all day long! A little goes a long way so we recommend you start with a pea sized amount and increase as needed. 

You are going to love this stuff!

Since our butter contains live plant enzymes and vitamins along with no synthetic preservatives we recommend you use your butter within 6 months.

Price is per one 4oz container. This 4oz container will provide you with more than 55 applications.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa butter, organic fair trade shea butter, jojoba oil, organic coconut oil, arrowroot powder, vitamin E