Our Story (So Far)...

Eddie and Misty

My husband and I began our amazing soap journey in 2013 in a magical land far, far away….but really, it began in Indianapolis, Indiana (I know, not nearly as exciting.) But seriously, what we DID find exciting was that we could create unique soaps from scratch that had fun swirls and yummy scents without using ANY synthetic colors or fragrance, or any bad ingredients at all!

Our quest to find more natural products began when we learned our bodies absorb sixty percent of everything we put on our skin. Sixty percent, that’s a lot of chemicals! Like most people, we didn’t want any yucky junk entering our blood streams…except for the occasional margarita, but that’s different (or so I like to pretend!) We slowly started converting our chemical laden bath products and cosmetics to more natural alternatives when I discovered there are many companies that claim to be “natural” yet their products are actually filled with synthetic fragrance, oils, and colorants. Crazy, right?! That’s when we decided to combine my love of chemistry with my husband’s artistic flair, and voila, Urban Utopia Soap Shop was born!

From organic botanical butters, to essential oils, to “tree-free” soap labels; we work hard to ensure every aspect of our product is 100% junk free. When you use our products you will feel the love!