Soap Saver Bag

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This little bag is a fantastic shower tool.  One of the more annoying problems with bar soap is trying to work with the tiny end pieces. No one wants to waste the end of a soap bar, especially if it’s Urban Utopia soap!  Instead of dropping that tiny piece every time you try to rub it across your arm and then slamming your head into the wall when you try to pick it up for the 20th time, you can place that piece of soap into the Soap Saver!  This handy little bag works like a scrubby with a pocket. Simply place your tiny left over soap pieces inside the bag, wet it down, and wash yourself with the carefree exuberance of a brand new bar of soap!

Price is for one soap bag. Other items in picture are not included….unless you want to buy them…and then they will be included.